The Right Data for the Right Decisions

The IDS platform brings together a wide range of cutting-edge technology in one centralized location to enable you and your team to make critical and informed decisions from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re capturing high-quality imagery with the IDS Capture app, accessing immersive virtual environments via IDS Viewer, or creating and sharing in-depth reports with the IDS Report Builder, our platform has everything you need to visually monitor and maintain all your facilities in one secure virtual location. Our responsive team is ready to help with training and support to ensure a seamless and successful experience for your organization.

How It Works

Capture with the IDS Capture app.
Explore with the IDS Viewer platform.
Inform with the IDS Report Builder tool.


Document high-quality imagery and actionable data with the IDS Capture app.
The IDS Capture mobile app allows you to instantly capture and document high-resolution imagery and robust data from your smartphone with pinpoint geo-tag accuracy. If you are unable to capture imagery from one or all of your locations on your own, our trained and experienced nationwide network of Certified Imagery Technicians is ready to assist, eliminating the need to fly your own team members out to each of your facilities. Our field service team provides a more efficient and economical method of image capture, securing aerial, terrestrial, interior, and exterior imagery and data and uploading it for anytime access from anywhere in the world.


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Access and share immersive imagery and data from anywhere through the IDS Viewer platform.
IDS Viewer is an intuitive web-based platform that hosts all of your imagery, data, and reporting in one place for easy, anytime access. With the ability to upload directly from the IDS Capture app with custom notes and metadata, IDS Viewer enables you and your team to explore and share detailed 3D walkthroughs, high-definition aerial and 3D imagery, terrestrial imagery, floor plans, and much more. Accessible from any web browser at the push of a button, it empowers your team to view each of your facilities in greater depth to facilitate improved decision-making at any stage of the project life cycle, from inspections and remodels to due diligence and site assessments.


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Create custom and automated reporting to share with stakeholders through the IDS Report Builder tool.
The IDS Report Builder tool within the IDS Viewer platform enables you to extract imagery and data into customizable reports to share with key stakeholders for improved alignment and decision-making. The tool also allows you to build reusable data models and to automate data transformation with repeatable tasks and workflows, resulting in more efficient and precise reporting as your business and projects scale. With the IDS Report Builder, no one is left out of the loop as your immersive imagery and exhaustive data are put to work to drive increased growth for your business.